Wim Martens

I have moved to the University of Bayreuth.

My new web site is still under development but can be found here.

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Research Interests

  • Foundations of Internet Technology (XML Schema Languages, XML Querying, Static Analysis,...)
  • Formal Languages and Automata Theory
  • Database Theory
  • Formal Methods (Logics, Complexity, ...)
  • Dynamic Algorithms

PhD Student

  • Katja Losemann (since 11/2010)

Brief CV

Honours / Awards: Elected member of the Junge Kolleg of the North-Rhine Westfalian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2008
FWO-IBM Belgium Prijs voor de Informatica (Belgian Dissertation Award in Computer Science), 2006

Publications: relatively complete publication list, or a partial list at DBLP.


Professional Activities

Personal interests

My Erdös number is at most 3 (Frank Neven -> Noga Alon -> Paul Erdös).
When one would include an episode of a certain TV show, my Bacon number would be at most 4 (Natalia Druyts -> Michael Pas -> Maximilian Schell -> Kevin Bacon). Not that this stuff actually matters. Some people do seem to entertain themselves with Erdös-Bacon numbers though.

Being at the University of Dortmund is great! The view from my window provides me with constantly evolving inspiration on Rush Hour, which is known to be PSPACE-complete in general. My former university in Hasselt provided me with very useful inspiration on XML with data values.

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